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Ultimate Events and Sports has come together with Nor’easter Lacrosse to bring some of the Nation’s best coaching minds from near and far to Connecticut for a one of a kind camp experience.  Both entities share a mutual passion for the game of lacrosse, and are dedicated to providing their participants with the best possible experience.  Together, they want to provide a world class lacrosse camp experience in an optimal learning environment for athletes as they receive elite level coaching from some of the Nation’s top college coaches!


More on the individual partners:

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We are an organization dedicated to providing premier events and tournaments, currently specializing in lacrosse and field hockey. We want to provide all teams, coaches, spectators, and athletes the ultimate tournament experience. We are committed to offering teams excellent customer service on and off the field. We are dedicated to hosting tournaments that will offer athletes an opportunity to play competitive games at all levels in an optimal environment that will allow the athletes to perform their best while having a lot of FUN!

The Directors of UESM have a true passion for athletics, and the role they play in a young athlete’s life. They have joined forces to bring quality tournaments at a reasonable cost to the national and local communities.


Founded in 2005 by then Yale University Women's Lacrosse coaches Clarissa Clarke and Laura Field, Nor’easter Lacrosse remains the only Connecticut club program directed and coached by college coaches. Only the finest college coaches, college players, and high school coaches work with our members. Our coaches have a history of teaching the game at its highest level and are able to break down the game for any ambitious, athletic, and talented high school or youth player!

Consistent year in and year out, our coaches have an invaluable scope of knowledge and passion for the game which allows them to prepare our players for the next level. They are able to guide and shape players for the intricacies of the college game at all levels. We are the only program in Connecticut to employ full-time coaches from at least 7 Division I and III programs.  

We strive to help our players achieve all of their goals, including the goal of playing in college. We believe in the process of selecting a college and a program that is right for the individual, and we have had tremendous success at the DI, DII, and DIII level with our graduating Nor'easter alumni.  

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